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As an Associate Professor in Electronic Media Communication at Middle Tennessee State University, I teach courses in Media in the Middle East, among other courses analyzing media. I also produce media -- a recent documentary on the Kurds of Northern Iraq "More than the Mountains: Kurdistan of Iraq" produced following two trips to Iraq in 2005 and 2008.

Iran Refuses to Return US Unmanned Drone

By: MIKE GRUBER Last week a US unmanned aircraft drone was captured by the Iranian military after it flew across the Afganistan-Iran border. According to Aljazeera and Fox News this has caused a huge amount of unrest between the US … Continue reading

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UN Wants to Protect Syrians

                           By: Emma Smith The conflict in Syria has become of great concern to the international community due to the signs of a civil war occurring within the … Continue reading

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NATO Strike Kills Pakistani Soldiers

by Crystal Collins Last week, NATO helicopters and jet fighters reportedly attacked two Pakistani army posts on the border of Afghanistan, killing around 25 soldiers. Haaretz and the Islamic Republic News Agency both report the number to be 24, while … Continue reading

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Iraqi bombings

By TIMOTHY THOMAS On November 24, three bombs were detonated in the Baab al-Sharqi area of central Baghdad, killing several people and wounding many others. According to Al Jazeera, New Delhi TV, and The Star (Malaysia) these bombings raise the issue of Iraqi … Continue reading

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Yemen’s President Steps Down

by MEGAN BRYAN Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh has agreed to step down from office following the protests, riots and disorder in Yemen during the Arab Spring movement. The deal, which was signed on Wednesday, November 24, states that President … Continue reading

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Another Round of Sanctions For Iran

By April Camp If countries were Facebook pages, Iran’s oil industry would have the most friends and adversely one push of the theoretical “dislike” button wouldn’t be enough for most western nations. The U.S. announced this week it will impose … Continue reading

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Blood, Sweat, and Tears

by Wesley Henry Tension has mounted in Sitra, a small village near Bahrain’s capital. Protestors were met with tear gas today, asking for a constitutional monarchy. Others said they would not settle for less than to complete oust of the … Continue reading

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